The Record of the opening box of Dyson supersonic hair dryer Red

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What is going to be open today is a hair dryer, a hair dryer that all the girls love, a hair dryer that initiates innovative revolution, a hair dryer of four hundred pounds, and that’s right – it’s the Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer.

dyson supersonic hair dryer red
dyson supersonic hair dryer red

My wife and I have been paying attention to it when Dyson released it last year, but it is not very reluctant for us to buy a hair dryer for around £400. So every time I visit the mall, I will see more of it when I see it. I never thought about buying it. Now why do you start with such a wealthy talent, it has to start from the end of last year – I was lucky to have an iphone7 mobile phone, but my wife and I are not lacking in mobile phones, so this prize iphone , whose price is far below the market price was quickly sold in the second-hand market. In exchange for the money but lost the excitement of winning the prize, I figured out how to spend the money. The first thought at the time was this – a hair dryer, so before the Spring Festival and his wife came to a famous department store to buy it.

When I came to the counter, I found out that there was such a Dyson supersonic hair dryer red. The key is that this red color is quite bright and shine, so I decided to buy this so-called limited edition.


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In addition to the side label, the package has no other characters, and it feels more like the e-commerce logistics package. The counter does not provide the service for unpacking and inspection. After paying the money, it is directly taken home.

package of dyson hair dryer red
package of dyson hair dryer red

After opening the corrugated carton package, you can see the actual product packaging box, which consists of two parts.

The wind mouth box opens with 2 air nozzles inside, plus one inside the hair dryer package. The Dyson supersonic hair dryer red provides a total of 3 different wind nozzles consumers. However, as for the use and method of use as a man, I don’t want to know more about it.

Big box

After taking out the storage box and opening the storage box, the hair dryer is quietly lying inside. The hair dryer casing is wrapped by a layer of transparent plastic paper.

After removing the hair dryer, there are some standard accessories and instructions. The standard accessories include some nozzles and a silicone pad plus a small lanyard, the same as the regular version.

Instruction manual

It is a multi-language manual. The hair dryer is still relatively simple to use, and I know how to use it.


The two buttons on the handle are the power switch and the cold air button, respectively, the air volume adjustment button and the temperature adjustment button. The hole at the bottom of the handle is the air inlet. When you use it, you will feel the obvious suction when you touch it. The revolutionary part of this product is that its shape is completely different from that of a normal hair dryer. Its motor position is at the handle, it does not feel like a top-heavy hair dryer like a normal hair dryer. The center of gravity is just right. How good is it ? Just feel really only the actual experience.

dyson supersonictm hair dryer red
dyson supersonictm hair dryer red

Quality assurance

Dyson provides a two-year warranty, which is Dyson’s self-confidence in the quality of its products, and is one of the reasons for consumers to buy it. After purchasing, the product registration is through the social media public account. Dyson’s after-sales service is still very good.

The machine nameplate is hidden by the laser engraving technology between the air cylinder and the handle, which does not affect the overall appearance of the hair dryer.


The air inlet is removable and washable. After the removal, the inside is a fine stainless steel strainer, which can prevent the dust in the air from being sucked into the motor and cause damage to the motor.


Unfortunately, there is no wireless design. Fortunately, the power cord is long enough. In general, the bathroom environment should also have a power outlet. Of course, if the next generation of products can be used wirelessly, it is believed that there will be more girls preferring to buy it.  (The built-in battery weight will definitely increase, and the possibility of wireless is estimated to be low)

To sum up, this hair dryer, such thing is absolutely good, but the value is different to each others – it is different from person to person, I personally understand that long-haired girls must dry their hair for a long time, and its strong wind and excellent temperature control can greatly shorten the time for the girls to dry their hair. In other words, the girls can sleep for 10 more minutes every day. The sleeping time is greatly increased in one year. In addition, an Apple mobile phone will be eliminated in 2 years. And this thing is used almost every day, the price is only one-third of the price of Apple’s mobile phone, and it can be used for at least 7-8 years, so I don’t think it is so expensive, those who are  hesitant ought to buy it. It won’t let you down.

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