Why are there so many people to buy a £400 Dyson supersonic hair dryer?

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Some may say Dyson’s hair dryer is more like a pair of 24K pure gold chopsticks, let you eat full of happiness, double happiness, self-timer sharing grades but he can not change the taste of food. In Dyson supersonic hair dryer, however, there are two futuristic technologies. In fact, they were all moved from the patent of Dyson’s leafless fan. One is the structural patent of ultra-high-speed digital inverter motor and fan, and the other is Dyson’s original fluid dynamics multiplication technology.

10.7 million rpm super high speed digital motor

Dyson hair dryer has a kind of brushless inverter motor. The structure has been improved by Mr. Dyson. It was originally designed to be applied to a handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner. When it was first launched, it shocked the entire industry (the frequency of AC stimuli used in vacuum cleaners on the market is usually around 20,000-30,000 rpm

dyson supersonic hair dryer functions
dyson supersonic hair dryer functions

Conventional DC/AC motors are rotated by the magnetic fields generated by the stator and the rotor. If a motor with high power and large air volume is required, the coil can only be continued toward the stator and the rotor. Simply put, the traditional motor, the higher the power, the fatter the body, so the hair dryer on the market, although the power is 2000W, because the power of the space limit fan is actually not large, most of the power is used in the heating wire on.

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Dyson supersonic hair dryer‘s motor uses the Neodymium magnet as the stator, which greatly reduces the size of the motor, so that the body of the hair dryer can be placed in a motor that is several times more powerful and smaller, resulting in a stronger The air volume of the ordinary hair dryer is several times.

This is why everyone feels that Dyson’s hair dryer is very windy.

Fan under jet structure

Most of the automobile engine transmissions on the market are front-end pre-drivers. This is the result of nearly one hundred years of market inspection. It cannot be said that because the R8 and other super-runs are rear-mounted and rear-drive, it is considered that the rear transmission structure must be stronger than the front. The same is true for hair dryers/electric fans. It is not difficult to see that the air duct of the traditional hair dryer is a straight line, and the potential energy loss is small. Dyson’s air duct is a zigzag type. It experiences two nearly right-angle transitions in the middle. This air duct structure directly causes a large part of the wind potential energy to be broken and converted into heat energy and high-frequency vibration (howling). However, the safety factor of this structure is high and the hair is more hardly to be inhaled by the hair dryer.

dryer hair dryer creates coolness
dryer hair dryer creates coolness


  1. Increasing safety factor and reducing the possibility of inhaling hair
  2. The center of gravity sinks and it is easier to hold for a long time.
  3. The wind speed is large enough
  4. Meet some people’s curiosity


  1. Energy efficiency ratio is reduced, and multiple turning causes wind energy loss
  2. High price

James Dyson has insisted on deep originality and deepen the spirit of the unknown field for many years. It is worthy of every entrepreneur who only plagiarizes to learn and worship in the country. Every time Dyson publishes a new product, it seems to show us a truth. He has been imitated and never surpassed.

Personally , if you are a long-haired girl, this price is actually very valuable. Because the price of a famous brand mobile phone on the market or the price of a laptop is more expensive, but their replacement speed is faster than the Dyson hair dryer – to put it bluntly, the function of the mobile phone or computer has been constantly changing. And the core function of the hair dryer – fast drying, has not changed.

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